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Almost have $300

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Ok I almost have $300+ saved for Gauges what is good for around that price? I was thinking of the Z series from AutoMeter is there anything else I should be looking at? I want 3 w/ pillar pods what is a good brand and series for as close to $300-325????
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i found a set on ebay with the boost -trans -exhaust temp ,and comes with the mounting pod for 190.00 pus shipping @30 for a total of 220 bucks . they have a push button on the gauges to choose from 7 different colors . the wires for the power need to be crimped from the gauges down to one then to the power source ,while the sensors have plugs at the end and are more than long enough to reach the mounting pod with a need to loop the remainder , the lights come on when the key is turned on and the color you had set stays ,unless you choose a different one . they are working well for me and look good as well, they are from glowsift .com . but on ebay the price usually is lower
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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