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Almost have $300

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Ok I almost have $300+ saved for Gauges what is good for around that price? I was thinking of the Z series from AutoMeter is there anything else I should be looking at? I want 3 w/ pillar pods what is a good brand and series for as close to $300-325????
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Do it right. ISSPRO EV gauges. Everything you need for about $328 from
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You seem to be down on the AutoMeter whats the problem with them???
No, I'm not down on Autometer. They make a bunch of styles and price ranges, including cheap junk, really-good-but-expensive stuff, and some decent stuff. If you find an Autometer style that includes a 270º sweep for the boost and tranny temp gauges, easy-to-read-at-a-glance face, color-coded pre-turbo pyrometer dial, match the stock gauges so close that folks think Ford must have installed them, and less money than the ISSPRO EV, then get them.
Smokey, I am new to this and was wondering what the advantage of the 270 sweep has?
You want to be able to read the gauges at a glance. When the gauges are nearing the redline, you are too busy driving to be staring at gauges. So you want the area around the redline to be spread out and very easy to read and interpret. For tranny temp, the red line is 225º, so you want the area between about 200º and 230º to be very visible and easy to tell the difference between 220º and 225º. For boost, the red line with a stock turbo is 25 PSI, so you want the area between about 20 and 25 PSI to be big enough easily tell the difference between 22 and 24 PSI.

Many gauges have only a 90º or 180º sweep, crowding the the numbers together so it's hard to tell the difference in a small change. 270º spreads out the numbers so you can crowd the red line without exceeding the red line - and at a glance - when you are towing and busy dodging traffic and outrunning the Dodge to the top of the pass. :)

The ISSPRO pre-turbo color-coded pyrometer is not only 270º, the color coding makes it even easier to read the gauge at a glance so you can maintain between 1,200º and 1,250º EGT while climbing the mountain, dealing with traffic, and keeping an eye on that Dodge.
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So if you are right on the edge of 1250° and that Dodge is creeping up on you, do you let the Dodge pass you or do you go past 1250°.
Depends on how far it is to the crest. If it's only a quarter-mile or so, then I'd probably mash down a bit harder to creep up to near 1,300º EGT. But if I'd have to stay at 1,300º for more than a few seconds, Then I'd probably back off to 1,250º and let the Dodge guy melt his pistons. :(

It hasn't happened yet. ;)
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