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Altered height ticket - Need some stock measurments

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Just got a ticket for my "X" being too tall in MA. Our lift limits are based on a formula of wheelbase X track / 2200 = max. total lift. The answer gets rounded to the nearest whole number and then you add 1 inch to account for production tolerances.

For an X it figures out to be 138" X 68.25" = 4.28, round to 4 add 1 for a total of 5 inches. My 4.5" Edge lift is OK with my stock tires but when I add my 35's I end up with 6" of total lift.

However, the RMV takes actual measurments from the center of the driver's door to the ground and compares if to the measurement of a stock vehicle. If my springs have sagged a bit I may just sneak by when measured.

I need to know the door to ground measurement for the tallest offered stock 4X4 "X". Mine is the PSD but maybe the gasser was a bit taller due to a lighter front end.

Would someone a stock 4X4 "X" mind taking the driver's door (center) to ground measurement so I can compare it to mine? Please provide year and model info. too.

Also, was a tire size larger than 265/75/16 ever offered? If so I can add the slight difference to the calculation.

Thanks in advance for any help. I know I can beat the ticket by getting the required RMV measurement w/ my stock tires but it is going to really be a bummer if I have to pull my 35's as I pass the State Police barracks on my way to work every day.
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Are you accounting for the additional track width with the larger tires?
I used the stock track width as it is measured from the center of tread and does not change much with the 35's (70" vs. 68.25). The change using 70" is only from 4.28" to 4.39".

Unless I get measurments that show my truck is 5" or less (what the formula plus an inch allows) over stock with the 35's I will need to visit the RMV with my stock tires so I used the stock measurements to run my numbers.
I don't really have anything to add to this conversation especially since I don't live in MA, but I'm curious whether you were ticketed for anything else (e.g., speeding, unsafe lane change, etc.)
Was entering a rotary (had not even hit 10 mph) after getting a green light to do so. State PD had 6 cruisers and officers in the rotary pulling over anything that caught their eye. Did nothing to attract their attention other than have a bright and shiny freshly washed truck. At least I did not get taken away in cuffs like the guy that was waved over behind me.

Appears the state is trying to raise some extra money with these types of events.

As for stock measurements doesn't anyone still have a stock X they can measure for me to compare against?
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