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Altered height ticket - Need some stock measurments

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Just got a ticket for my "X" being too tall in MA. Our lift limits are based on a formula of wheelbase X track / 2200 = max. total lift. The answer gets rounded to the nearest whole number and then you add 1 inch to account for production tolerances.

For an X it figures out to be 138" X 68.25" = 4.28, round to 4 add 1 for a total of 5 inches. My 4.5" Edge lift is OK with my stock tires but when I add my 35's I end up with 6" of total lift.

However, the RMV takes actual measurments from the center of the driver's door to the ground and compares if to the measurement of a stock vehicle. If my springs have sagged a bit I may just sneak by when measured.

I need to know the door to ground measurement for the tallest offered stock 4X4 "X". Mine is the PSD but maybe the gasser was a bit taller due to a lighter front end.

Would someone a stock 4X4 "X" mind taking the driver's door (center) to ground measurement so I can compare it to mine? Please provide year and model info. too.

Also, was a tire size larger than 265/75/16 ever offered? If so I can add the slight difference to the calculation.

Thanks in advance for any help. I know I can beat the ticket by getting the required RMV measurement w/ my stock tires but it is going to really be a bummer if I have to pull my 35's as I pass the State Police barracks on my way to work every day.
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I just recieve a ticket here in virginia for the same thing, so I re-registered my truck as a truck. Should get the truck plates anytime...... vehicles that are registered as a truck can be higher in VA.... passenger vehicles can be 22" from ground to bumber and trucks can be 30".

Too bad I am going to have to pay more for personal property tax now......
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