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Many people think that acquiring and purchasing AMSOIL products is difficult. This could not be further from the truth. Gone are the days of driving down a dirt road and buying it out of someone's garage, house, barn, or shed.

With your very own Wholesale Factory-Direct Account #, you place an order via a convenient toll-free 800# or online, and get the wholesale prices to boot. Product is shipped straight to you via UPS from the closest AMSOIL warehouse. There 11 warehouses in the U.S. and two in Canada. If you live near one of the warehouses, you can pick-up your order, and there are no shipping charges. However, the shipping is very cheap and reasonable.

**To get the lowest prices on AMSOIL products, you should have your own Factory-Direct Wholesale Account.**

There are 4 ways for you to acquire Amsoil products at the Wholesale Prices for yourself and factory-direct.
* Become a Preferred Customer
* Become a Dealer
* Get a Commercial Account

* Get a Retail-on-the-Shelf Account

Wholesale prices are about 25% off of the retail prices. Wholesale prices only appear in the AMSOIL online store, once you have one of these four registered wholesale account types.

  • The Preferred Customer Program is the most popular program, and allows you to purchase Amsoil products at wholesale prices, basically like a Costco or Sam’s Club membership. It is $10 for a 6-month membership or $20 a year for this program. You can register for it online, yourself... Use the link below. Once you add the Preferred Customer Membership to your online cart, you can also immediately place a wholesale order at the same time. You can also call (800) 777-7094 to register for the program. *Important: Give the agent referral #1727348, when registering for the program. Every new wholesale account requires a referral #, per AMSOIL Policy. More than likely, your very first order will more than pay for itself with the PC Program.
AMSOIL Preferred Customer Program - Click Here

  • The Dealer Program also allows you to purchase at the same wholesale prices for yourself, but also allows you to earn commissions & rebates, re-sell, and attain customers, and commercial accounts, if you chose to do so. It is $15 for 6-months, or $30 per year to be a dealer. With this option, AMSOIL even sends you a commission/rebate check on your own purchases! Under the Dealer program, it is not required that you sell or build a customer base, but you can if you want. Many guys become dealers only for themselves, and that is just fine, too. To become a dealer, you need to fill out this application (Part B & Option #2) sign it and mail it to: (Dealer applications MUST be mailed)
Attn: Registrations Dept.
925 Tower Ave.
Superior, WI 54880
  • The Commercial Account Program, is in my opinion, one of the best wholesale programs AMSOIL has. To get a Commercial Account, you need to have, be, or own some type of business: Sole Proprietor, Partnership, LLC, Corporation, etc. Virtually any "Business" qualifies... Even if it is part-time or small (like one truck). This type of wholesale account is FREE forever, with no yearly dues. A home based business is OK. Examples are: trucker, construction, contractors, sub-contractors, handyman, landscaping, farm, ranch, marinas, machine shops, rental co's, municipalities, cities, have a vehicle fleet; any business you have, where you use a vehicle(s) or equipment that requires lubrication in the course of doing & operating a business. The business can be a large business, or a small business of one. There is a special application, if you fall into this category, and very, very short. Here is that application.

    Commercial Applicaiton - Click Here

  • There is a second type of business account, and this is a called a ROTS Account (Retail-On-The-Shelf). This type of business account must have a business location - not be a home based business. This type of business wholesale account is also FREE. The business buys at wholesale price, and is allowed to re-sell Amsoil product to the public, whether that be on-the-shelf or provides oil change/repair service, i.e. auto parts store, quick lube shop, or repair shop, for example. Here is the ROTS application - click here.

If you fill out one of the business or commercial account applications, complete it and fax it to me: (501) 632-3647, or email it to me. You will have your business account # within 24 hours. I need to process & submit to the proper department for processing. The two Business Account types can also optionally apply for a Net 30 Credit Line with AMSOIL, Inc., if so desired.

Whether a Preferred Customer, Commercial Account, ROTS Account, or Dealer, products are shipped via UPS to your front door direct from Amsoil and wholesale prices are the same, and you have access to all products. There are no minimum orders, or quotas either, with any of the above account types. Order 1 quart, case, drum, or nothing at all.

There you have it... Explained in plain English. Let me know if you have any questions. Feel free to email, PM, or call me anytime.
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