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Another dreaded turbo question

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Hey all, I'm looking into a new turbo, I'm going towards a tn unit. All I do is tow on the weekends and drive it everyday from point a to point b. I very happy with the performance of the curent set up I have, I want to make the truck more reliable at this point. My question is, should I goe with the bb tn coming out soon , or just go with the non BB unit. I'm planing on outlet housing pedasstal and up pipes, while I got the thing all torn apart. Give me some ideas on what you guys think would work good with what I got, Thanks

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Well I'm just waiting for the new TN BB to come out it shouldn't be that far off so if you can wait it will be worth it. Give BWD a call and ask them about it and they will be straight up with you.
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