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I know there is a lot already here but I wanted to start a new one as I have a Screen shot of my Edge Monitor to share:
Here are the details:
2007 Ford F-350 Dually CC 4x4
Coolant flush and Coolany Filter installed about 2500 miles ago
Truck is due for service
Hauling a 39 Ft Fuzion 5th wheel with a GVWR of 16k
Temps were 86 degrees
A 20 MPH headwind.
Steep Grade on I-8
Speed 35 to 40 mph
And I shut the AC down
This was the most stressed the temps got at the longest and steepest part of the grade.
On the flats in the desert there was about a 6 to 11 degree variance depending on when the Fan kicked in. Should I get the oil cooler done soon as in this next service?
Truck has only 64k on the odometer and I am the original owner.
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