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Another ELC coolant/engine serial # question; can I use it?

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I've seen the reference on this site that you can only switch to a ELC coolant if your engine was built after 2/2/99 and has a serial number after 940614.
So looking on my left valve cover I see a yellow sticker on which the first two lines of numbers are quite clear but the third line (this is the engine serial number, right) is not quite readable. Here are those first three lines:
XE 002 BC

It's that third line (0925036) that I'm guessing on 'cause I can't quite decipher it.
So my question is with a 21Feb99 build date could the engine serial number indeed be 0925036? --This serial number would imply I shouldn't use ELC coolant but the build date (which is for sure 'cause it's not scraped like the eng serial number) implies ELC coolant is OK.

So (1) any ideas if I can switch to a ELC coolant and if I can't
(2) is there anything better than the green Motorcraft stuff I can put in that doesn't require testing/adding of SCA's?
And (3), what happens if you switch to a ELC coolant in a pre-940614 serial number engine.
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Your engine serial # is also stamped on the bottom of the block. Look on the driver's side at the rear of the pan where it bolts on. The SN on the block can't be changed like the sticker on the valve cover. Well, not as easily anyway.
Take a look at this post:

And the one following it.

It looks like there are two numbers on that machined spot, the one that you found looks to be a Ford Part #, and the other the serial number.
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