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Another No Brakes No Steering Day

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Blew out the high pressure hose on the power steering pump at 235k. In a parking lot but not many vehicles so no collateral damage. Funky fittings look like they are "designed" to blow out. Anyway, check the high pressure hose where it goes into the fitting at the pump. Loose is not good. About $38 from Ford for the replacement and a couple of small bottles of fluid from the local git and go. Nice to be near a dealer when this happens - I wasn't /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/frown.gif

I'm thinking a bigger pressure accumulator of somekind may be in order. The reserve pressure really goes away quick. Leaving minimal directional control and brake capability. Practice E brake operation.

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I've got a feeling a new pump's in order but if you were to flush do it with regular PS fluid.

[/ QUOTE ]

DON'T use PS fluid.

The correct fluid is Mercon ATF, either regular or synthetic will work. The synthetic may help, but if the pump is damaged, it won't cure it.

You may have air in the system that needs to be worked out. Make sure the reservoir is just a bit overfilled, and turn the wheels lock-to-lock with high engine RPM a number of times. The service manual has a procedure to pull a vacuum on the reservoir to purge air out, but I'd reserve that for serious air issues.

These PS/hydroboost systems make noise if the fluid gets just a little bit low, so I try to keep mine a bit overfilled, but not to the point that it pukes fluid when it warms up.
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