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Another Slightly Different Speedo Problem

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Newbie here... Searched for posts but couldn't find one that matches my symptoms and was hoping someone could help.
2003 F-250, 6.0L Diesel, 4x4, 6 speed manual.
Speedo works normally until 59 MPH and then stays there no matter how much faster is attempted. When slowed back to below 59 MPH speedo works normally again. All other gauges seem to work normally the entire time. Obviously no OD light since I have a manual, no ABS light either. Odo seems to work, even when speedometer is stuck at 59, but hard to tell if it's working at the correct rate.
Based on the posts I found, Seems like the VSS would be the place to start, then the ABS sensor, then the cluster itself. Am I on the right track? Any other suggestions?:ford:
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OK. Changes VSS. Still have the same problem. Still no ABS light or any other problem. Cruise control still works at speeds greater that 59 MPH. Thinking it is the speedometer itself. Is their any chance of fixing it, or should I just change it?
Ran the HEC Test and the speedo would only go to 60 MPH. All other gauges worked correctly. Removed the Instrument Cluster and took the cover off the front of it. Speedo did not seem to have any mechanical binding as I had hoped it would be something that simple. Intersetingly enough, when I put everything back together, the speedo worked correctly when the HEC test was accomplished. Haven't got to go drive it yet, due to the holidays, to see if it actually works right, but I'm hopeful...
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