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Another won't start unless plugged in

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Looked on the fourm for familar issue but didn't find anything. Truck wouldn't start the other day so I plugged it in waited a couple of hours and it started right up it was only 45 degress outside. obd port won"t work to find code the fuse is good but cig. lighter or port not work. The wide used the truck while I was out town and she always plugged it in and never had an issue.
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Have you checked your glow plug relay with a voltmeter?

If the GPR is bad then it will NOT throw a code. (EDIT:NOT)

I don't think that's true. I've never seen a code with a bad GPR.

Scoobydew, check the Hard/No Start link in my signature for how to check out your glow plug system.
Thats what I get for not proofreading before I post :winking:

I meant to say it will not NOT throw a code !

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