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Antifreeze change & hoses

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I am getting ready to change the anti-freeze in my 03 Ex and my 04 f350.

"Back in the day" (late 1960s and 1970s) when someone changed out the antifreeze they always changed out the hoses, too. "As long as you were in there, anyway".

Is that still the "rule of thumb" in todays world? Or, have there been sufficient advances in hoses so as to not need them changed out?
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If your top hose goes through the belt, making it impossible to change the belt without removing the hose, then definitely change the upper hose to one off a dual alternator truck. The hose goes under the alternator and around the outside of the belt. Otherwise, see how soft they are getting. I had to replace my lower on the side of the interstate in central Texas once because it got too soft and the clamps wouldn't hold anymore. And do yourself a favor and replace those tension clamps with the worm-drive hose clamps.
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