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Any downside to water injection?

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Just wondering if there's any downside to water injection. I'm not looking for more power - Jody Tipton's taken care of that - and my EGTs are pretty good: I hit 1250 rarely, but on occasion with 8k load up a long or steep grade with the revs down (Again, Jody has done great work in getting EGTs down.). I'm just wondering what potential risks of a water injection system are and what, if any, benefits there are besides reducing EGTs (mileage, engine wear, etc.).

Also, how much (or what range) of an EGT drop can be expected?

Thanks in advance.
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There is a power increase from water alone. The reason you can make the increased power with the water alone without hurting your headgaskets, is because the increase in power comes in the form of an oxegen enriched environment. The water acts to densify the incoming charge air for an increase in oxegen molecules per a given volume. Since this is not going to burst on it's own anymore than the natural air in the cylinder prior to injection, it will not cause an increase in the effective timing advance as would be the case with drugs.
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