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Any way to control engagement of electric clutch on cooling fan?

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My trans runs a little hot while towing, around 200. I wish I could have an in cab switch so that I could engage the electric clutch on the cooling fan to pull some extra air past the trans cooler when towing. It would also be nice when idling with A/C on in the Texas summer. Surely it is just a 12v feed or a grounding of a circuit that engages the clutch. If anyone know please help me out.

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Mine engages even when I don't think it should. Pulling hills towing heavy I have seen 220-231 degrees frequently. It gets annoying on a long trip listening to the fan clutch when it engages at 3500 rpm every 30 seconds. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/eek.gif I can see it coming on then, but mine even comes on at 205 degrees empty in hot weather. I might need to have it checked.
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