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Anybody blow gasket after adding ARP studs?

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Made it a year before headgaskets went out. Routinely towing 10-15K.

Added ARP studs when gaskets were replaced. Wondering if anyone has had a repeat failure after adding studs. With or without using a tuner?
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The job was fixed under warranty though they did make me pick up the truck, go home and get trailer, and come pull it under load with pressure gauge on degas bottle. They couldn't make it puke without towing even though I took it in a gallon low on coolant with white stains all over the engine compartment! Their attitude was if you make it puke under load with stock programming we'll fix it. It did......

They didn't refuse to install the studs, but they did say the repair wouldn't be under warranty due to using non-ford parts. Not sure what would happen if it blows again.

Tech installed the studs without removing cab or engine...still not sure how he did that.

Gresham Ford was the dealer. However, their tech that did these jobs quit. My truck was his last one. The torque to yield head bolts were killing him and he wasn't getting paid enough for how difficult the job was. He said he was doing two trucks a week! He will do it on the side however if you want to pay him out of pocket. I have his number and owe him a tip!
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