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Anybody good at trouble shooting electrical?

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Hey, posted a thread the other day about all kinds of problems. Well today I put a different PCM in the truck and would you believe it, the thing cranks over. I cranked it for about 5 or 6 seconds and stopped, then I go to crank it again and nothing. But the only light in the dash that stays on now is the check engine light, plus no more tbc fault. So I start trying to trouble shoot the starting circuit and come to find I'm getting power to the starter relay but from there it's not getting to the smaller wire going to the starter. So I change relays but nothing seems to work. So me being the genius that I am make a jumper to go from the hot coming from battery to the fuse box and touch it to the wire going down to the starter. Truck cranks over for like a second, then goes hay wire. Now you turn the key to the on position and all the lights flicker in the dash, almost acts like low voltage or bad connection, but batteries read 12 volts and I can't see any bad connections. I don't know, just getting frustrated. Anybody have any idea's. Could really use the help. Thanks
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Etch..Is the pcm exact replacement..code # same? You may know, but running progams arent all same..meaning pcm's aren't just plug/play so to speak. JMO!

loss of power to starter..weird acting after jumper..almost like something shorted out..did jumper ARC when you made connection? I dont know, but thinking?
Etch...doubt I'll be able to guess with you any more. For starters..batts turned out to be bad..what about the pcm? One actual fact..if any DTC's were set..installing new batts erased them..maybe why your MIL (CEL) went out? Look for updates. Good luck!
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