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anyone double tow with an idi?

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Hi guys I just bought a 25 ft fifth wheel camper and it has a hitch already installed I alsl have a polaris ranger that goes on my 8x10 flatbed. What I am wanting to do is pull this combo from az to idaho in oct when elk hunting is open. Does anyone do this kinda towing here? Im sure these trucks will pull this kinda load. Anything I should do to prepare for that trip?
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ya doubles is a state to state difference and its one of those things thats just touchy
but you have some things to consider
no brakes on the rear trailer then if you lock up truck and fver brakes then you jack knife the small trailer
also you wont be able to back up
and plan ahead far ahead the whole route should be studied because turning is limited and backing is a nono
then will you even be able to see the small trailer? if not does it matter to you? i like to know whats going on with my junk

if it was me id invite a buddy along and ask him to tow the quad in exchange for staying in the nice camper
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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