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anyone double tow with an idi?

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Hi guys I just bought a 25 ft fifth wheel camper and it has a hitch already installed I alsl have a polaris ranger that goes on my 8x10 flatbed. What I am wanting to do is pull this combo from az to idaho in oct when elk hunting is open. Does anyone do this kinda towing here? Im sure these trucks will pull this kinda load. Anything I should do to prepare for that trip?
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I have been toying with that idea for a number of years now. I did have an '86 F250 with a 460/C6 that pounded the ground and ate Corvettes in it's spare time.

You need to check with your state laws, here in Calif. I would need a CDL and brake endorsement. 65 Ft. is the limit here too. Since my 5er is 33 ft. I was looking at about a 17 ft. runabout inboard. Sounds like your well within the length limit, but you need to plan your fuel stops!

I would take a good look at your proposed route, because when we went to my sons graduation at University of Idaho, there was some winding narrow highways.
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