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anyone ever extended our front shackles?

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im thinking of maybe making my front shackles maybe an inch longer. has anyone ever tried this? good idea? bad idea? thanks for the help.

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What are you trying to accomplish? More lift! I wouldn't do it. Especially with a TTB frontend. The way the axle pivots in the center it's alreadt trying to rip the shackles apart and the added length would just give it more leverage. If you're gonna do it you had better make them heavy duty or they will self destruct. And plan on another trip to the alignment shop because it will change your caster and camber angles.
I like the idea of adding another leaf or two way better than extended shackles. 32"-34" is a little long isn't it? How long was the leaf I sent you? I'd make it shorter than that, just make each one progressively shorter than the one above it, or just use 1 or 2 8"-10" pieces to add some height without changing the spring rate. Whateever you do just make sure you use a longer center pin and put the leaves in the existing spring pack. Dont just put them under the pack like a lift block and depend on the u-bolts to hold them in place.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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