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anyone ever extended our front shackles?

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im thinking of maybe making my front shackles maybe an inch longer. has anyone ever tried this? good idea? bad idea? thanks for the help.

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Rodney, i think it would be ok with the 4" drop brackets and the 4" GAS springs, trying to accomplish maybe another 1/2"-1" of lift in the front. i actually havent taken it to the alignment shop yet. still waiting to put on the new tires before i do, but the alignment is not bad at all right now. is there a better way to lift another half inch or inch? i was also thinking of maybe cutting apart my old springs and making some shorter leafs to go in the spring pack. i would need something between 32" and 34" long.
center pins and u bolts are both PLENTY long enought right now. i was thinking of adding the leaf right in the middle of the spring pack, the one you sent me was probably about 12-14" long and i used those to replace the bottom leafs of the old spring pack because one had a small hair line crack where the center pin went through, other wise i would just use those.
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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