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Anyone heard of Greenball tires?

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I am looking to replace the tires on my trailer, a 29' toy hauler, 10k rated. I currently have Carlisle's, 8 ply, D rated.
First, I heard the standard is to change tires after 5 years, regardless of wear (mine are in good shape, lots of tread left). Is that true?
And, are the greenball tires any good? Got a good price for four, installed...
Are Carlisle's that much better?
Any other brands I should look at?
Any help would be appreciated. I did have a blow out on the last trip and that tire looked fine prior to the trip. Thanks a TON in advance....
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I've run Greenball tires on my 18' flatbed for 10 years/80,000 miles and been very happy. Put them on my 5th wheel within the last 6 months.

Smokey has brought up something I find interesting with manufacturing location. The ST205/75-14 Towmaster radial I just replaced on my flatbed was made in New Zealand. The Transmaster radial I replaced it with was made in China. I'm curious if they recently changed manufacturers and if my satisfaction will decline. I'm going to have to look at my other tires when I have the chance and see where they were produced.
Went with E range radial Transmasters on the 5th wheel. Have C or D on the flat bed...can't remember. I always go for the highest load rating available for the size.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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