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Anyone heard of Greenball tires?

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I am looking to replace the tires on my trailer, a 29' toy hauler, 10k rated. I currently have Carlisle's, 8 ply, D rated.
First, I heard the standard is to change tires after 5 years, regardless of wear (mine are in good shape, lots of tread left). Is that true?
And, are the greenball tires any good? Got a good price for four, installed...
Are Carlisle's that much better?
Any other brands I should look at?
Any help would be appreciated. I did have a blow out on the last trip and that tire looked fine prior to the trip. Thanks a TON in advance....
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5 years on trailer tires? I've never gotten more than 3 out of mine before dry-rot made them look unsafe. I've never heard of greenball tires but I've good luck with Denman, Carlisle and Duro tires.

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Anyone know of an inexpensive place to get Duro tires? I want to match a tire on my camper; the only suggestion I get from Duro is to buy through the internet from a place that wants high shipping charges..Locally I cannot find it..
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