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anyone need a low cost electric transfer/fuel pump

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in my thread of I am putting in a electric fuel pump, question, in my thread a poster asked if I could get him one of the very low cost electric fuel/transfer pumps. I bought mine down here in baja mexico at a electrical auto parts supply specialty house. It only cost me $20.00. Down here because this is the least populated state it is hard to get many things and we are 1000 miles from anything. So parts are sometime slow to get here. I ordered a more expensive diesel pump from auto-zone but that takes 3 weeks in general. So i wanted to get my project moving so I used this 20 buck one. I could blow air through it when it was not on which was ideal for my application because I would not have it on all the time, just when starting and when i run out of fuel and switch the tank, and when I change the fuel filter.

So a person asked if I could get him one for a different application. And I said sure because I am driving up the baja next weekend.

here is the part

Originally Posted by drinkypoo
I'd like to have one of those pumps, how much do you want to charge for them? Maybe we should PM but I imagine others want to know. I don't want to use it where you used it but it might make a handy transfer pump.
I am heading to the USA this weekend so I will be going to the town that has them this week (LaPaz). I will pick up as many as people want. I will do it at my cost, as long as the person has more than 50 posts.

You will paypal me the money and email me a US mail prepaid addressed mailing label before I leave so I can print the labels.

the label will be for the padded priority envelope. to keep the mailing cost about $5.00, the estimated day of mailing in the USA Oceanside California is August 29.

i may be doing the trip again in a month or two.

my email address is the part after baja with

BTW you know where I live from the pictures where the link has my website and on my website you have my directions to my place. you can also drive down to pick it up...... I have plenty of room to camp, and this is paradise for me, i grew up in chicago and now i am beachfront.
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Dean! You might know a good friend of mine, Tim Hatler... Owner of Palapas Ventana!
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