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Anyone running the GT-K series turbo from turbonetics?

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Topic says it all.

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i believe brian has run one, and IH1206 might be... so there are some running if i'm not mistaken. maybe they'll have something to add.
i think they have put some regular 66s on some trucks and had great luck - bigr ran a t66 w/ 530 minimes and said it was awesome... i would think a GTK66 would be even better - that's what i'd like to run at some point.
my understanding is that the GTK66 has a wider map than the regular t66 so you get the spool of a 66 with a little bit wider range. that'd be my ideal choice for a single daily driver.
the drop in is a 61mm inducer, so it's smaller than the 66. i don't even know if you could begin to compare it to a GTK, they seem like totally different animals.
thats what i am after... brian seemed to think the GTK66
the thing i like about the replacement kits such as H2e and TN BB's is that you can swap turbos more easily - i.e. H2e to QSSB, sled screamer or TN 66 to super 72, and so on.
i think for the diesel application it'll be a 4" outlet just like on the t66
1 - 6 of 18 Posts
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