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Anyone running the GT-K series turbo from turbonetics?

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Topic says it all.

Comments suggestions thoughts.
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they do look awful purdy! Just not sure if my measley stage 2's will turn it.
Then in theory I should be able to spool a 66 without any trouble at all? keeping in mind its a daily driver/weekend drag racer.
the GTK66 is on BB's site I don't see why it wouldn't work. I think a 76 would be a bit much for my arround the town use and occasional strip runs. its just a work truck that has fun on the weekends.
I like the idea of a drop in BB replacement, but my truck needs soo much work its not really practical.

I hate the constant leaky pedistal, leaky uppipes, every fix lasts a few thousand miles and its off with the turbo again.

IMO might as well replace the whole damn thing. I personally have been through enough stock junk to have absolutly no desire to put the same crap back on.

I don't mind spending some dough and getting er done right.
another deffinate plus!
Looking here CHART

It looks like the exhaust flange is a 3" v-band clamp I have a 4 inch exhaust but IIRC the uppipe chokes down to 3 inches at the turbo.

Can someone confirm this or say I'm wrong? If this is the case, then no downpipe modification is necessary, just uppipes, pedistal and turbo.

I'm no expert but this seems like the cats azz for a DD.
1 - 7 of 18 Posts
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