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Anyone using or used the Quadzilla Xzillaraider module?

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I have a 2005 Excursion and was interested in hearing opinions on power, shifting, customer service, etc for the Quadzilla. I am looking at the 30-60-110 module. Not interested in programmers/tuners primarily because I do not want to touch the ECM or FICM.

Thanks in advance....
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I am using the Quad Xzillaraider 160 module on my 2004 F250 with manual transmission. I really like it, lot's of low end power vs. the other tuners I have used. I run it on the 65hp setting for my day to day commute. On the weekends, I flip the switch to the 110hp setting for a more "wild" ride. I don't use the 160hp setting, it causes my clutch to slip.

Lately I have been stacking the module with my TS 5X programmer, with the 50hp tune. Do a search on the "other" diesel web site, I seem to recall that one of the guys there did a detailed evaluation of this module.
Here is the test results, I copied this from an earlier post on this website, I think this was posted by by DApilot:

Guys this is from a "competing website, but I wanted to post it here as well. Here is the information. I have also recently tested the 5X and will be writing a report on it on the other site and posting it here as well.

Ok, I promised to try out the Quadzilla Xzillaraider a while back on here and post the results. I am happy to report that the test are complete on the 65, HP, the 110, and the 160. First this was an independent test between me and Quad, and we both agreed to post the results as they happened, good or bad.

First the install :

Quad warned me that the install on the 03, and 04 was going to be difficult due to the placement of the ICP sensor on those model years. (The newer 04's-06's are much easier and the ICP is in the front). The harness was great, first class setup, and the fit was perfect. The install wasn't bad except for the ICP sensor. It is back behind the turbo, and you have to take a plate off from under the truck to get at it. Needless to say I did not enjoy it, and even Quad said it was hard to do. In all it only really took about 30-40 minutes to get the plate off and the ICP harness on. The rest of the install took abot 15 minutes, and was straight forward.

I had originally thought to try the 160 first, but changed my mind after reading about the learning strategy of the tranny.

The first I tried was the little 65 hp box. It was great, shifted fine, and is perfect for someone just wanting a little more power. Matter of fact it would be perfect for my Dad, or someone who just wants to tow and doesn't need a lot more. The temps were low, and kept in check, although I did not tow anything with it. I followed the break in instructions perfectly, and the transmission did learn. The shifts were good, not great, but nothing I would call unacceptable. All in all a good "little" power adder.

Next came the 120, (the one tested at the shootout). Of the three, I liked this one the best. The wiring harness, thank god, was the same as the other 2 boxes, so I didn't have to make any changes to the harness. Right out of the box, I left it in "off" to get a feel for the stock truck again, and feel how the shifting felt stock, as I have run 17000 miles on an SCT extreme program.
Again, I stepped the settings up following the directions to a tee. (after talking with quad, he said I probably would have been fine, since my tranny is used to the high SCT power settings anyway). The 30 setting was "cute" for my taste, but their was a definite jump over stock. the 65 setting was pretty much like the ZXT, (see the previous paragraph), and then the 120 hp setting. In the 120 HP setting, the power came on very early, and very hard. Not harsh by any means, but hard, and solid. the temps rose fast, but then slowed down, and never got over 1350, even up at, well above highway posted speeds. The shifts were good again, but there seemed to be a little hesitation, and the 3-4 shift was long. again, remember, I am used to the shifting on the SCT, which are instant, and perfect on my truck, every shift. Boost was around 27-29, and there was no surging. Overall, it is a good cookie cutter type of box that is designed to fit any Ford 6.0. In a race, there is no doubt in my mind my SCT would triumph in the 1/4, but I think the quads power is right there until the higher RPM's. You can feel the power start to die off as the RPM's pass about 2800, but on the plus side you can feel it hard at the 1200-2500 range. There was literally almost no smoke, which many like, personally, I am not a member of the sierra club, and I love smoke.

Now the 160. The lower levels were much the same as the 120, with very similar results as described above. The highest setting was at the 160, and quite frankly didn't seem to add that much, and actually felt like very little over the 120. The problem happened with the 160 in the 160 setting. 1, 2, and 3 shifts were good, but just before the 3-4 shift, when it felt like the shift was about to take place, bam the tranny slipped bad, actually it scared me. I drove around a little more, trying to get it used to the higher power, but it never seemed to get past that part, and frankly I am not really planning to push it much further. All in all the 160 while it makes a little more power, I am not sure the tranny can handle it, without a tranny tune. The temps and boost were all the same, as far as I could test it. The 160 setting is not really usable imho, for everyday driving, as it shifts terrible under partial throttle. This is partly due to my not wanting to tap the wiring harness of the truck. Apparently Quad usually will include a wire to tap the harness, for driving under the 160 setting, and it helps with the part throttle shifting. 50% pedal shifts took my tranny into "limp mode twice", but again, it says in the instructions that might happen, so there was no real surprises.

All in all, the 65 and 120, were very well behaved, shifted good, not great, but remember, it doesn't really do anything to control the tranny, and relies on the learning process of the tranny. There were however no serious flaring like used to happen with the EDGE. Never once with these two boxes did it slam into gear. The 160 seems kind of like a waste in my opinion. You get the same higher power settings as the 120, and the 160 setting was not very friendly on my tranny. With a manual tranny, it would probably be a hoot! There is little to no smoke with all three of them, and all three were strong down low. I won't be switching from my SCT, but overall, I was pleased with the quadzilla products. Thanks to Quad for sending the boxes, and thanks for answering the questions I had. Now get down here and help me get this inspection plate back on.

2003 F-250 CC FX4, RED, Black Leather interior,
DPPI Cool Duals,
Chrome tow hooks,
clear cab lights,
Billet fuel door,
Dipricol A-pillar gauges,
Billet badges,
Alpine head unit, Infiniti Kappa door speakers with JL audio 4/300 amp, 2-JL audio 10" sub with JBL 1000 amp,
Oh, too dang much stuff to list......
SCT custom files from just about everybody
Modified Airaid intake
Modified fuel system
POWDER Coated CAC tubes and brackets under hood!
Best 1/8th, 8.705!!!!!
All at
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