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Anyone using Sniper Tuning in a 6.0?

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exactly what the question says...had some guy tell me it was really good stuff and very popular, kinda found it hard to believe. i know their tuning on a 7.3 is great, but 6.0 ?
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I have it and would not waste my $$$ on it again... They have been promising me their update for transmission tuning abilities on the 6.0L would be out "very soon" for the last 7 months. Every time I call to inquire about it the answer is always "next week"... I think they are way over their heads with these new computers. The adjustments they do let you play with are not real noticable so I would not be surprised if they are non-functional also...

I would personally go with an SCT Xcal2 from a good dealer, thats what I run now. Way more power and it controls the trans perfectly.
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