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Askin' for it? 37s on a stock geared V10

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Howdy yall! Well the day of reckoning for the fugly Diamo DUBS has come. I've got a purty set of flat black wheels and a semi-used set of 37x13.50.18 pro comps xtreme ATs. The tires really measure 36' and change and the whole set up weighs 4lbs more than my current set up per wheel. My current set up measures 35.5' tall.

The truck still has plenty of pep even with the big 10in and those fat 20" chrome monsters. I've got a K&N and a tuned Flowmaster in the truck. A Superchips tuner is on the way as well. Now here's my question. Gears I know are pretty much a rite of passage when a truck this big is created, but shoot, boys! I've got to drop an arm and leg to get the big truck geared. Can I run this set up without too much harm being done while I rake up some funds for my SDs surgery. With the tires only .5-.75 taller and only weighing 16lbs more than my current set up, I'm willing to bet, not a whole lot mind you, that I'll have the same truck I'm love with. Thanks y'all

P.S Those babies are for sale to if any of y'all are into the big bling bling!
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LOL... It should be OK, but I would try to be easy with it off the line from a dead stop until you get new gears.
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