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Auto Enginuity use

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The auto enginuity software is great for ready codes and looking at live data. In the manual or on the screens I do not see how to access the other functions. For instance I want to change the tire size to correct the speedometer error. Is there another user guide or on screen directions for these functions?

Also is there a way to look at features without being hooked to the vehicle? I wanted to look around at what it could do and how to do it before hooking up but did not see a way.

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As I understand it you won't be able to change the tire size, at least not on a SD. Not sure about other vehicles, I haven't tried yet. I would like to be able to look at the other features without being hooked up to the vehicle as well, but I believe that the features come up after the connection is made to the vehicle, because the features that are available are dependant on the vehicle interface. But I'm not real sure. You can go to the AE help page while online and send a message to AE. They will answere you back. I did this to check on the correct interface settings for PSD, as well as just how to get to speed tracer for my other Fords.

If you here back from AE regarding how to look for available features without being connected to the vehicle please post what you find.

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