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Auto Enginuity use

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The auto enginuity software is great for ready codes and looking at live data. In the manual or on the screens I do not see how to access the other functions. For instance I want to change the tire size to correct the speedometer error. Is there another user guide or on screen directions for these functions?

Also is there a way to look at features without being hooked to the vehicle? I wanted to look around at what it could do and how to do it before hooking up but did not see a way.

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I thought I read on the AE website one of the things you could change was speedometer cal for tire sizing. I tried looking through all the menus for a better user guide while hooked up to the truck but no luck. I hate huge manuals but they do come in handy sometimes. Once I get the truck running right again I will play with it somemore.
I do not plan on changing tire size. What I really want to do it recalibrate the speedo so it reads correct speed. Will the procedure you sent (Excavator) work for the newer trucks?
Thanks again. Once the truck is running right I will have time to play with the AE program.
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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