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I changed over my 01 to a 6 speed out of an early 99. Its nice to have a donor truck. You need the pedals,slave+master,clutch,flywheel, bellhousing bolts, tranni cooler lines yes thats correct,tranni and transfer case wiring harness, and a wire to jump out the nuetral saftey switch on the automatic tranni wire harness connector. Thats only if you don't replace the under hood wiring harness. I replaced the whole steering column instead of just the plastic color to remove the auto shifter. Then there is a blank plastic insert for replacing the shift indicator is on the speedo.
I believe thats it. I bought the south bend con ofe clutch kit for a 1000 bucks came with clutch, pressure plate, through out bearing, flywheel, bolts, and instructions for a dodge...I don't get that one.
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