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It can be widely agreed upon that brake dust ruins the look of your rims, and on top of that, it can actually cause damage to the metal or painted surface if it isn’t cleaned from your rims regularly.

With the help of our motorsport partners, we’ve developed Autoglym Alloy Rim Protector. A formula that helps combat this problem that every motoring enthusiast has to deal with.

As we all know, cleaning brake dust off rims can be a very difficult and time-consuming job to tackle, especially if it has been left to build up over time, spoiling the look of your car regardless of how shiny the paintwork may be. Alloy Rim Protector is a super-hydrophobic sealant that creates a durable barrier for your rims that stops dirt and brake dust from adhering to your rims, making them easier to clean and keeping them cleaner for longer.

Alloy Rim Protector is incredibly easy and quick to apply, although a bit of time is required for it dry after applying for it to be effective. First make sure that your rims are clean and cool to touch, so apply after giving them a good clean. Then, shake the can well and simply spray an even coating over the surface of each rim. After its been applied, allow the product to dry for at least an hour, but the longer the better. Take care not to touch the coating as its drying. Make sure to wipe away any overspray from to tires as it can leave a white residue if it’s left to dry.

Alloy Rim Protector is ideal for use on silver, white and other light coloured alloy rims. However, it is unsuitable for dark painted or mirror finish rims.

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