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The Autoglym Aqua Wax Kit is a great, quick way to protect your car. Containing real carnauba wax, it provides the same benefits as a conventional hard wax with just a fraction of the time and effort. Aqua Wax can be applied to any exterior surface, including paint, rubber, plastic and glass.

The beauty of Aqua Wax lies in how easy it is to apply. After washing, simply apply about two squirts of Aqua Wax onto each panel of the car whilst the car is still wet. Once it has been applied to the whole car, the wax evenly across every surface using the microfiber cloth supplied with the kit. Essentially, this means that you're drying and waxing your car at the same time, cutting down the whole process to a fraction of the time. Finally, using the second microfiber cloth supplied with the kid, ensuring that its clean and dry, then buff your car to a glossy, water-repellent finish.

When comparing an Aqua Wax-treated surface to an untreated surface, the difference is clear. The untreated surface shows the water sitting on the surface as a sheet, whilst the treated surface produces a beautiful beading effect that repels water, making evident the kind of protection that Aqua Wax provides.

The Autoglym Aqua Wax Kit makes waxing your car a breeze, making the whole process quicker and easier whilst still providing your vehicle with the same kind of protection and finish that you would expect from a conventional hard wax.

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