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The Autoglym Convertible Top Maintenance System contains everything you need to clean and waterproof your mohair, double duck, fabric or canvas car hood.

First off, the cleaner included within the kit contains a pH neutral formula with a bioactive agent that cuts through dirt, mould and green algae. Next included in the kit is a coarse sponge that lets you agitate the solution to lift away dirt without damaging the fabric. The final part of the kit is the protector which gives the fabric a water-repellent coating that allows water to bead and clear quickly.

If you have a vinyl convertible top, clean thoroughly then protect with Autoglym Bumper & Trim Gel.

First, make sure to thoroughly vacuum clean your dry convertible top and the dampen it with a low pressure hose. Next, spray the cleaner onto the convertible top. Once the convertible top is fully covered in the cleaner, work the cleaner in with the coarse sponge to clear dirt, marks and stains. Then, simply rinse the convertible top thoroughly, ensuring all of the cleaner is removed. After this, apply an even coating of the protector onto the convertible top, taking care to wipe away any overspray on the glass or paintwork before it settles. Once the process is complete, protect the convertible top from rain and allow it to fully dry.

Autoglym Convertible Top Maintenance System leaves your car's convertible top clean, refreshed and protected.

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