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Custom rims are often made of more sensitive materials meaning that they require that extra level of care and attention. Autoglym Custom Wheel Cleaner is the perfect product for this with a gentle formula that takes care of all custom finishes.

Custom Wheel Cleaner is an acid-free formula designed to be safe to use on all rim types, including all anodized and painted materials and is effective in taking care of any dirt and brake dust that's built up on your rims.

Custom Wheel Cleaner is a breeze to apply and it only takes a couple minutes to give you a beautiful result. Before applying the product to your rims, make sure that your rims are cool to touch otherwise the cleaner will dry onto the rim. Then, simply spray Custom Wheel Cleaner onto the rim from top to bottom.

Remember to clean each one at a time otherwise you run the risk of the cleaner drying onto the rim. Once the rim is coated, agitate the formula with a rim brush until it is clear of dirt and brake dust. Finally, rinse the rim clean and move onto the next one.

Once complete, you should be left with a stunning shine to your newly cleaned rims.

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