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Every perfectionist understands that even the most minor of details make a huge difference, and no car detail can be considered complete until the tires have been dressed and are looking their absolute best. Dressing your tires restores them back to a beautiful black sheen and is the perfect way to finish off your rims.

Autoglym Instant Tyre Dressing is perfect for this very important finishing touch. It can be applied to wet or dry tire sidewalls and being a spray-on product, it’s quick and easy to use. Its expertly crafted formula of durable polymers ensure that your tires are protected and left with a new-look finish that will last long after the dressing has been applied.

Applying Instant Tyre Dressing takes only a few seconds of your time. Simply spray a liberal amount onto the sidewall of your tire, first ensuring that it is completely clean so that the dressing has maximum contact with the rubber. After this you can either leave the tire to dry to present a brighter gloss finish, or immediately wipe away the excess spray with a clean microfibre cloth before it dries to leave you with a more natural matte finish.

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