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Over time, untreated leather can dry out, fade and even crack. To prevent this from happening and keep leather looking its best, its natural oils and preservatives need to be replenished regularly.

Autoglym Leather Care Balm is a carefully blended pH neutral emulsion containing soaps, natural oils and surface proofing agents that work together to nourish and moisturise your automotive leather whilst adding a layer of protection against marking and staining.

Always be sure to use Autoglym Leather Cleaner before using Leather Care Balm to ensure that it can properly absorb into a clean, dry surface. After cleaning, use a soft cloth or foam applicator pad to apply the balm by gently massaging it into the surface. Then, leave the balm for a couple of minutes to allow it to fully absorb and buff away the residue with a microfibre cloth.

Ideally, Leather Care Balm should be used twice a year to ensure the leather is kept supple and crack free. In warmer climates more frequent treatment may be necessary. More regular light treatment will work to preserve the leather's natural appearance and characteristics with an added benefit of easier cleaning and ongoing spill protection.

Autoglym Leather Care Balm ensures that your leather has the nourishment and protection that it requires without leaving an unnatural gloss, sticky or greasy surface residues.

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