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I'm waiting on an RDS box/tank to come in and while planning the install, I had a few questions.

Any problems with the fuel gauge reading on our trucks with 125g of fuel? I know the DTE will be wrong.

Planning on gravity feed with an NC electric solenoid wired into an upfitter. Debating on using the RDS install kit or making my own, which would use larger line, either 3/8 or 1/2. Only question is what kind of valve is in the RDS filler neck T? Can I use a standard roll-over valve or is it something special? See lots of complaints that the RDS line is small (5/16) and filling is slow, so I was going to speed it up a little. That and I've got lots of 3/8" and -6AN fittings and hose laying around from previous projects. If I can put a -6AN rollover valve in a 1.5" union and replicate that T, I'll only be out a couple bucks to hook up the tank, no where near the $80 RDS wants for a kit...

In the end, if I have to, I'll use the kit. The speed won't be a problem as I plan on leaving the valve open while the truck is on and closed while it's off, but faster is always better, right? :thumbsup:
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