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I had a local dealer install a Kenwood 7160 with a backup camera mounted on the license plate. Not sure I like the location of the backup camera, and will be exploring moving it to the handle. One question I have is that the diming of the Nav display when you turn on the headlights (auto or on). Manual for the Nav unit indicates that there is a orange/white wire for diming the Nav display. Took the truck back to installer to look into this and he indicates that diming is not possible because Ford uses a different method of diming gages (voltage change). Were you able to get the Nav unit to dim? Is the installer feeding me a line? Would like to have the Nav display dim b/c its to bright at night. Thxs.

I took the approach of installing an aftermarket backup camera in the tailgate. Here are the details…

I recently purchased a used F350 which had an aftermarket nav installed but didn’t have a line-in which I needed. Back in the day I paid my way through college installing car stereos so I thought I’d take a crack at overhauling the stereo system in my new (used) truck.
Here’s what I ended up with.

  • Kenwood Excelon DNX6960 - $789.99 on Amazon

  • Garmin nav

  • Bluetooth

  • Backup camera input

  • ·SWI-JACK (Steering wheel interface) - $41.99 on Amazon

  • Allows for controlling the radio with the steering wheel controls (Media, volume, track)
  • 3 backup cameras

  • Tailgate for everyday driving

  • Hitch for connecting trailer

  • Connection for travel trailer backup camera
  • Putco 401027 Tailgate and Rear Handle Cover - $34.42
    This is a chrome tailgate handle cover with a hole for the backup camera·
  • Pyle - PLCM24IR; Universal Mount Infrared Commercial Grade Rear View Backup Camera - $34.00 on
    This camera fits the putco tailgate handle cover
  • Custom iPod jack including USB and Video
The whole reason I started this process was for a line in. I reused the factory line-in and then added USB and Video.

I’d be happy to share any wiring info, pictures, etc. with anyone who is interested.

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Well, I now have the 2009 NAV unit in mine and am back on the camera trail.

Camera harness not in the 08 so I have to find a camera and tailgate handle plus the harness with connector C240B in it for the back of the NAV unit
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