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Hey it's been awhile. Here's my old 00 7.3 Limited 2wd, sold it back in 2019 and have regretted it ever since.
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I just picked up this 04 6.0 EB 4wd
Automotive side marker light Automotive parking light Wheel Tire Land vehicle

It feels good to be back, it's got 229k on it, it's in really good shape, but needs a little tlc here and there, new trans a few years back. It's never been bulletproofed, but I think if the heads where going to lift, they would have done that by now. I think it sat for quite awhile before I got it. The area that I bought it, the seller lived on mountain, curvy type roads, I really couldn't get it up to speed to test it out but once on the freeway, I noticed a few things,

P2286 ICP came on about 10 miles away from sellers home? It's under the turbo so don't think I can get my body to get back there?
Seems to bounce above 75 mph, dash bounces, drivers side mirror bounces, don't really feel it in the seat or the steering wheel?
Dome lights don't come on when doors open?

Maybe a few other small things, overall I'm happy with it, but the ICP has me concerned.

Thoughts from the group???

Also, what's out there if I want to add navigation and phone, I was thinking about building a console to add a few modern updates?

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