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Bad day adjusting TPS on IP

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Well it all started with trying to figure why my Tc keeps locking and unlocking constantly at highway speeds. I posted on here and got some great info:thumbsup:. Found out my Tps was out of spec. Supposed to be 1.1v at engine warm curb idle engine off key on. Found out that I only have .6v at idle and 3.9 wot. Okay no big deal just need loosen the torx screws and adjust. Well come to find out the PO must have tried this and stripped the torx screw heads on the sensor and the bigger ones on the pump:thdown:. Tryed getting a vice grips to grip but that doesn't work. Now I am faced with either grinding the heads of all four scews and hope they come out or pulling the pump so I have better acess. The two going into the aluminum hosing scare me though and I dont want to snap them off. Anybody ever have this problem, or any ideas. I am at wits end with this truck.:icon_mad:
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You would do best to remove the FIPL from the IP with the bracket, then address the small torx screws, I think. Most bracket to IP I've seen are bolts but you indicate Torx there too?
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