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Bad FICM I think....Am I right?

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Ive noticed my truck started a little harder this past winter than the previous winter. I ran synthetic oil this winter which helped but still ran rougher than it used to for the first 5-10 seconds. No problems otherwise until the other day. Started the truck for the first time that day and headed to town. The truck seemed to lack a little power but I wasnt going to push it till it got up to temp. After a quick stop at the grocery store, i headed back home. The truck had no power and was sputtering badly. I pulled to the side of the road, it idled fine. I pulled away, still with no power. It was the most noticeable between 18-2800 rpm. Sputtering badly and white exhaust smoke. (no smoke at idle or lower rpms). I pulled over again, put it in neutral and revved it a few times to 3000 or so. Pulled away again and it was fine, normal power, no smoke.

Tested FICM voltage when i got home(truck hot) and it was 45-48V. Next morning I checked again with engine cold (60* outside air temp). Got 25v while buzzing injectors, then 45-48 after injector buzz and while running.

Probably will order a new FICM tomorrow from swamps but just want to see if you guys agree that I should. Also waiting to hear from them about how a corroded pin will affect my core refund......

Thanks in advance guys....:thumbsup:
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Shouldn't ever drop below 45 volts.
I'd just get the one from swaps.. remember $800 is with core charge. I've been looking at the 58v unit with mild flash. If you're not running a programmer that would be a great upgrade!
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