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Bad FICM I think....Am I right?

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Ive noticed my truck started a little harder this past winter than the previous winter. I ran synthetic oil this winter which helped but still ran rougher than it used to for the first 5-10 seconds. No problems otherwise until the other day. Started the truck for the first time that day and headed to town. The truck seemed to lack a little power but I wasnt going to push it till it got up to temp. After a quick stop at the grocery store, i headed back home. The truck had no power and was sputtering badly. I pulled to the side of the road, it idled fine. I pulled away, still with no power. It was the most noticeable between 18-2800 rpm. Sputtering badly and white exhaust smoke. (no smoke at idle or lower rpms). I pulled over again, put it in neutral and revved it a few times to 3000 or so. Pulled away again and it was fine, normal power, no smoke.

Tested FICM voltage when i got home(truck hot) and it was 45-48V. Next morning I checked again with engine cold (60* outside air temp). Got 25v while buzzing injectors, then 45-48 after injector buzz and while running.

Probably will order a new FICM tomorrow from swamps but just want to see if you guys agree that I should. Also waiting to hear from them about how a corroded pin will affect my core refund......

Thanks in advance guys....:thumbsup:
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if you're getting 48 while running then you should be okay. have you checked your coolant ? white smoke is usually sign of blown headgasket. . have you pulled any codes?
That was the way I understood it. Like i said I get 25v while buzzing injectors and they dont sound real healthy. I'm hoping its just the FICM, 800 bucks sucks, but it's better than HGs......

Try the ficm fix first before spending 800 on a new one..
lol, i solder worse than i weld, and i suck at welding....
hahaha. skip that and have someone else do it...
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