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Bad Gas!!

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There was a great article in the latest Outdoor Life regarding this new ethanol induced gasoline. It seems that after a few weeks, especially in the colder weather, the ethanol seperates from the gasoline, and then starts to gunk up. The question in the magazine was for marine engines, but holds true on any gasoline engine. Point is to use Stabil or similar product in all gasoline tanks or you may experience somr unpleasant results.
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Pappy...maybe n/'ve had no problems with "ethanol additive" in my buick V6 gas or my old F250 gasser. Been getting it here ever since Calif. banned (for good reason) "MTBE" sometime ago. However..get 1+ mpg LESS. Also..ethanol cost more to make than mtbe, which caused price per gal. to go up.

btw..I've dont use any extra additives in gas.
Pappy...maybe someone can explain the "chemistry" part as to why..but gas WILL eventually degrade to a point where engine want run on it. One clue gas is bad (often overlooked) engine hard starting or does start, but dosent idle right..keeps dying under load. Could come from a 5gal. can thats been sitting around for awhile. Dont ask me how I know.:icon_wink:

Apparently you've been lucky with bronco & no problems. Also if e. has carb.(its possible) long periods of non use can cause remaining gas inside to dry..forming gummy residue which gums up parts. Maybe some kinda additive would help?
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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