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Bad Gas!!

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There was a great article in the latest Outdoor Life regarding this new ethanol induced gasoline. It seems that after a few weeks, especially in the colder weather, the ethanol seperates from the gasoline, and then starts to gunk up. The question in the magazine was for marine engines, but holds true on any gasoline engine. Point is to use Stabil or similar product in all gasoline tanks or you may experience somr unpleasant results.
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This is good stuff and I appreciate all of the info. As you all can figure, I am a "novice" IN THE GASSER world, so all responses are grateful. Even the "oil heads" can gain some info on this subject as we all have some kind of gas rigs.
Back a number of years ago we were working in Laramie, Wyoming and the local gas stations had ethanol premium gas for 6 cents less than regular unleaded. Now it seems that all gasolines are mixing ethanol in them and I don't see any problems, however, I wonder about leaving the new gasolines in tanks for an extended period of time. Case in point, I have a 1996 Bronco that I only drive 1-2k a year, if that, and so it sits around most of the time. I just wonder how long it will take before I start having fuel problems.
Did some V-10 Maintenance

I've got 32+K on my '08 and it was ready for an oil change. I went to my local Lincoln dealer (I like him better than my Ford dealer) and after the oil change, we decided to do the fuel filter change and to dump and replace the transfer case fluid. The TorqueShift tranny fluid is supposed to last 100k before changing. Not sure I'll go that long. All toll for the 3 items was $117, about the cost of one fuel filter change on a 6 leaker.
I didn't actually check in my manual, but the dealer tech checked his maintenance board on his Ford computer and it said 100k on the TS tranny fluid. I doubt that I will go that long, like maybe 50k, but I probably won't drop the pan and change the filter, will just go with the refill. Dealer charges about $135 for that alone, so it ain't cheap. It's a new Mercon 5 or something special.
1 - 5 of 15 Posts
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