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balance scales

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I have been researching electronic balance scales for use in measuring ingredients for titration and brewing. The Boreal balances at Edmund Scientific caught my eye. I need some advice as to what range of scale is most useful. I think the lower limit probably does not need to be lower than .1 gram. What should the upper limit be?
500g, 1000g, 2000g?
I will also want to use the scale for measuring moisture content in wood for a dry kiln but that might be a topic for a different forum..
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I just picked up a digital scale at Wal-mart. They have them in the kitchen utensils section. Was about $28. 1 Gram increments and goes up to 999 grams. I do 25 gallon batches and it takes 950 grams of KOH. But the little tray that comes with it won't hold that much so I split it up.
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