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Banks monster exhaust install tips?

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My dad bought a banks monster exhaust turbo back and im going to install it. Got any tips tricks for me? Thanks Brian
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The hardest part is getting the old exhaust system off. The quick way is a sawsall with two cuts, one in front just behind where the downpipe turns back, and one right behind the stock muffler. If it is a 2WD you will want to ramp the front end, if it is 4WD you may have to lift the right front side a couple of inches to get the old downpipe out. Use WD40 or other penetrant on the rubber hangers and they will slip out with a minimal of prying. Contrary to instructions you will not have to remove the lift ring, you can work around it. After that, follow the instructions, it should slip right together. It helps to have two sets of hands when installing the new downpipe. You will have to modify the cat, possibly move one hanger bracket, and remember the WD40 on the rubber hangers. Remember to also check for clearance prior to tightening everything up.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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