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banks sidewinder

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i got a banks sidewinder on my 93 f250 and i was wondering if there are any upgrades for the turbo. i have been looking but cannot find anything.
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Thats true but.. You can install any T3 turbo on that mount. Also Mel over on the other site has some built injection pumps called Moose pumps. They flat get the job done. I have one and its out of this world for hp and boost. Be careful about using it. You will never get the grim off your face... Thats can cause problems at home.....:icon_wink:
Mt pump was just less than $600.00 but.... You pay for what your pump need to bring it up to the Moose pump so.. Give Mel a call or send an Email to him. Your cost will be differant from what I paid. I know of members paying $500.00 plus for just a stock non turbo pump so you do the math. If you buy a Moose pump you will never go back to a standard pump and the grin will be hard to get off your face....
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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