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I have a '84 F250. My dad owned it so consequently I've performed the maintenance "leg work" which has been done religiously since new.

It has 120k on it which I will estimate 80% of that was at or near max capacity, long story short it's been well used and well maintained.

Another note it won't run below 200* F on a mechanical gauge, this all after a new t-stat and radiator.

I'm tired of driving in the slow lane driving on the highway towing my Mustang on a open car trailer = a struggle to run 70 mph on flat ground.....

Would it be a mistake to add a turbo to my existing engine or should i look into a reman long block first?

If I were to check the compression, what would good numbers be?
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I have a 86 F250 6.9 L with an ATS turbo. It definetely has power to pull a house but the rear end gears are 4.10s so getting to 65 mph will put the truck at 3000 rpms or so which is pretty much its limit for highway driving. It will pull a full load up a steep grade but flat land is about 65 mph limit. Might want to evaluate your gear ratio as well if you shell out the $ on a turbo. They came with 3.55 gears that will drop about 500 rps or so off allowing for a little better highway driving.
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