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Bar's Leaks or Stop Leak. OK for a 6.0?

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A couple years ago while changing out my water pump pulley, I snapped the nub off of the radiator that the small hose to the degas slips on. I fixed it with some parts I had laying around. It has been fine for the last couple years but after a coolant flush it developed a pinhole leak. I know the factory system has some type of stop leak pellets in it but I don't want to hafta pay ford prices. I need to replace the radiator but I seem to be only able to afford the "absolutely necessary" most of the time.....I've replaced my oil cooler before and don't really want to have to do it again anytime soon, so I'm gonna get some input first....
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I definitely wouldn't do it.

Stoverbro - Where did you confirm that Ford put stop leak pellets in at the Factory? That is an old rumor - never proven - at least I have never seen it backed up by anything official.
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